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Everybody can be an interior designer with Embossed Wallpanel from WallArt!

WallArt has unveiled a new range for embossed wallpanel especially for those eco conscious home owners who want each and everything inside their homes to be environmentally friendly.

Designed to add that extra aesthetic dimension in your green home, the new embossed-wall panel are made out of fibrous residue to sugarcane, collected from crushed sugarcane straw. The weight of wall decor 3d is about 275 grams per panel, so that is easy to carry right?

Bagasse is compostable and therefore 100% biodegradable, so WallArt embossed wall panel and 3d wall decorations are a great environmentally responsible way to decorate your home, shop or showroom!

There are no less than twenty stunning designs in the WallArt collection.
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